Living by the lakefront in and around Pickwick Lake, TN

Lakefront house in Pickwick Lake

Imagine living in a waterfront home: having your breakfast in the middle of a plethora of sights and sounds: birds flying, trees swaying, ducks gliding, and the sun rising. You wake up to the gentle lapping of water by the lakeshore and the fresh, clean air. Then you spend your evenings lounging by your deck facing the water, looking up at a veil of stars in the clear night sky.

This is the kind of life by the lakefront that you can enjoy 24/7, especially if you choose to buy a home in and around the vicinity of Pickwick Lake, Tennessee.

Benefits of the lakefront life

Apart from doing wonders to your health, living in these surroundings gives you more time to relax and savor every precious second. The less harried pace results in lower stress levels – sometimes, eliminating stress altogether.

In these uncertain times where a global health threat in the form of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc, consider yourself lucky when you’re living by a body of water. Your immune system gets a much-needed boost to combat deadly pathogens and build your resistance. Moreover, since most communities by lakes are located relatively far from crowded and busy urban centers, there are more opportunities for social distancing.

Whether you’re an active adventurer or a laid-back nature lover, you will be drawn in by the pull of the lakefront life. You’ll have easy access to water-based activities like boating, fishing, and kayaking.

You also won’t run out of options for land-based recreation and sports as some lake communities may have golf courses found near the shore. Others can engage in sports like beach volleyball and soccer. Still others will enjoy going through miles of natural trails crisscrossing the area and even bring with them their beloved canine companions.

On the flip side, simply sitting by your lakefront home’s balcony and watching the sun set can be the best benefit you can get from living in this kind of property.

On the business side, waterfront property makes a wonderful addition to your asset portfolio. It is considered a prime property that commands a high resale value and fierce bidding wars due to its scarcity in the market.

You also have the option to either use this property as a second home where you can spend vacations with the family or put it up as a rental for vacationing transients who crave some R & R by the pristine waters of Pickwick Lake. Or, you can have the best of both worlds and turn it into a short-term rental during tourist peak seasons and your family’s personal retreat when it’s not.

Tennessee: Where you can live the waterfront life at its fullest

If there is something that adds to the attraction of real estate in Tennessee, it’s taxes – or the lack of it, in this case. There’s no such thing as income tax in the Volunteer State – that means, you are more financially capable of funding the goods and services you need in making your life comfortable here.

And if comfort and relaxation are what you’re after, you’ll find these in communities by the banks of Pickwick Lake, as well as in nearby areas like Counce and Savannah. These areas offer some of the loveliest waterfront properties in Tennessee.

Pickwick Lake communities

Pickwick was named by its first postmaster, a Charles Dickens fan, who called the post office Pickwick after the famous writer’s first novel, Pickwick Papers.

Today, Pickwick Lake is known as a favorite summer retreat, with beautiful homes lining over 496 miles of shoreline. Weekends see a good number of pleasure boaters taking in the sheer beauty of the lake. Those eager to fish will have higher chances of a great catch on weekdays when boating traffic is at its minimum.

Speaking of fishing, Pickwick Lake teems with a massive variety of freshwater fish. Large crappie, sauger, both largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, stripers, white bass, and the Tennessee River Catfish have made Pickwick Lake their home. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the lake is a popular venue for big fishing tournaments.

Economy-wise, the area of Pickwick Lake holds much promise as it is registering more job opportunities (1.4% more jobs than last year) while enjoying the cost of living that’s 13.7% lower than the national average.

Places to see, things to do

  • The Goat Island Campground is a former TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) campground area nestled by the banks of the lake. It has 86 camping pads, as well as parking for RVs. It’s a popular venue among birders, nature lovers, and anglers. You’ll want to visit the area during spring and fall when migratory birds come to nest. The island itself, found opposite the water from the camp area, is where you’ll find the animals behind its name. Bring some veggies or bread when you visit – they won’t say no to these treats.
  • Pickwick Landing’s swimming beaches are open to the public. Circle Beach and Sandy Beach are in the park’s day-use area. The third beach lies opposite Lake Bruton. A riverboat stop dating back to the 1840s sits there. During the 1930s depression, the area was chosen as the site of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s dams on the Tennessee River.
  • Still in Pickwick Landing, you’ll find the Tennessee Golf Trail – a narrow stretch of rolling fields where you can feed your passion for golf while appreciating the majesty of Mother Nature. This Jack Nicklaus-designed course is quite narrow and a challenge to navigate, though, so playing a round or two here will give quite a workout.
  • Up north the Tennessee River in Savannah is the Pickwick Dam Campground which boasts 95 campsites, around 70% of which has water and electric facilities, heated showers, tailwater bank fishing, and boat ramps. The said campgrounds are open but visitors are required to observe safety protocols in the light of the ongoing pandemic.
  • Pickwick Landing State Park spans more than 1,400 acres and is packed with a host of facilities for rest, recreation, and sport. You can go roughing it up in the midst of nature’s beauty in the park’s campgrounds or get pampered with modern comforts at The Lodge at Pickwick Landing. The park is also the venue of the Catfish World Championship Fishing Tournament, the yearly Sauger Fishing Tournament, and Hardin County’s Fourth of July fireworks display.
  • The Bruton Branch Recreation Area is the part of Pickwick Landing State Park where you can truly be one with nature. It is a primitive campsite with few modern amenities except for a bathhouse with showers. The area is so protected that visitors are advised to only make campfires using heat-treated wood or wood sourced from inside the park.

Real estate

The area offers vacant lots, single-family homes, new construction properties, farms, ranches, and country homes for sale. Choose from raw commercial or recreational lots, spacious homes, and cozy cabins located at the waterfront. Apart from providing magnificent views of the lake, many of these homes also offer a glimpse into the local wildlife and endless fishing opportunities.


This unincorporated community in Hardin County located four minutes away from Pickwick Dam holds its own in terms of natural beauty. This explains why this small town is a top vacation must-see and many opt to have second homes here.

Since Counce is not overpopulated, the place is ideal for those who want peace and quiet. In terms of affordability, the cost of living in this community is and 1.7% cheaper compared with other places in Tennessee.

Said to be named after the family who first settled in the area, Counce is the perfect area for nature lovers and those with an affinity for the water. The woodlands and the lake are the perfect backdrops for a laid-back lifestyle detached from the stresses of city living. Whether you choose to move here for the long term or to purchase a second home to use as a family retreat house or a rental for vacationers, you can’t go wrong with the serene aura that Counce offers.

Places to see, things to do

  • Sunken Ship Bar & Grill is one of Counce’s more popular sports bars. Check out their wings in a variety of sauces – both the locals and visitors love them!
  • If you’re looking for souvenirs of your visit to Pickwick Lake, Lake House Gallery has it – and more. It’s a store of lovely curios and collectibles that has been around for 13 years. It also has home décor, jewelry, and other interesting finds to remind you of your Pickwick Lake experience.
  • People love hanging out at the Pickwick Sports Bar & Grill, not just for burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches, but also for Friday karaoke nights. Bands go onstage Saturday nights.
  • Freddy T’s Restaurant & Beach Club isn’t just one dining spot but four under one roof. Each section has its own ambiance, food offerings, and fun activities.
    • Freddy T’s is the main restaurant that serves the widest array of dishes that every member of the family will love.
    • Rooftop Pizza B&B provides not just outdoor seating with nice views of the surrounding area but also serves the best pizza in town.
    • Club 50 is a fun nightspot for anything including live music, dancing, and billiards. Then when you want to wind down after partying here, there’s Parrothead Bar where you can order your preferred cocktails. On Sunday mornings, Club 50 turns into the non-denominational Grace Chapel Church where the soul and spirit are nourished.
    • It’s always party time at The Beach Club where you can let your hair down and groove to beats specially prepared by the Club’s DJ.

Real estate

Whether you want to build your home from the ground up or you prefer to purchase one that has been lived in, you can find these opportunities in Counce. You will find mostly single-family homes and raw land here. Homes exude the typical Tennessee flair with bungalows here having an average of 3 bedrooms and 3 baths sitting in the midst of wide-open lots. The architecture of older homes employs European styles like Queen Anne or revivals. The more modern ones built in the latter part of the 20th century may still have an Old-World aura but have modern interiors and even smart home technology.


History, family fun, and natural wonders – this beautiful city in Hardin County has it all. Three centuries of existence have given Savannah a rich legacy of must-see places that recall the distant past. This is also where the county seat is located, so expect a delightful mix of old and new here.

One of Savannah’s primary draws is the cheaper cost of living. Compared with other areas of Tennessee and the rest of the country in general, it’s much more affordable to live here. Moreover, you can take a walk around the area and feel like you stepped back in time, especially when you visit the Savannah Historic District. Buildings and other structures here have been well-preserved by the townsfolk. However, its downtown, especially Main Street, is a-buzz with commercial activity.

Places to see, things to do

  • Exhibits at the Tennessee River Museum showcase unique artifacts that take guests from prehistoric to post-war reconciliation Tennessee. The young and young-at-heart will enjoy interactive, informative exhibits about paleontology and the Civil War.
  • If you truly want to steep yourself into Savannah’s rich history, take part in the Savannah Historic District Tour. The trail to follow spans for two miles and will take you through several vintage homes, Downtown Savannah, the Savannah Theater, the Savannah Cemetery, and Main Street. And since we’ve been mentioning Main Street a lot…
  • Savannah’s Main Street is the ultimate shopper’s paradise in Tennessee. Every kind of product you can think of from houseware to antiques, you will find here. This busy street is also home to some of this city’s finest and well-loved restaurants.
  • One of the highlights of the Savannah Historic District is the Cherry Mansion. Built in 1830, it is so far the oldest residence in the city. Owned by a Union supporter, this antebellum house became the headquarters of General Ulysses Grant during the Battle of Shiloh in 1862.
  • Tennessee Street Park is five acres of family fun. It has two splash pads, two playgrounds, a walking trail, pavilions, and round-the-clock surveillance. Serving as the park’s centerpiece is a lovely 20-foot fountain.
  • Green Acres RV Park is one of the biggest in West Tennessee. While visitors take in the majesty of the natural surroundings, they will be cozily staying in campsites that provide deluxe amenities from free Wi-Fi and cable TV to a saltwater pool.

Real estate

Most available homes for sale in Savannah are found in the West Hima and Pyburns neighborhoods by the banks of the Tennessee River near Pickwick Dam. Sporting mostly Craftsman and colonial architectural styles, these homes are priced reasonably and yet, offer so much space. The more upscale homes have an average of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Apart from single-family homes, a good number of available properties here consist of vacant lots or raw land that provide you with so many options for development. You can have a custom-made home constructed here with miles of land to spare for potential use as farmland or raising horses, among many others.

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